Tuesday, 22 May 2018

What will happen to the subscribers who are using email addresses ending with @.RR.com?

People using RR com email service want to know whether their email accounts are in danger or not. The reason they are forced to think this way is simply due to the fact that merging of TWC with Charter Communications. Let us find out more about this issue, and what TWC is doing to sort out this matter.

Many Roadrunner email users are wondering if the domains linked to .RR.com emails are in danger. This is a new issue that has come to fore, and people are really worried about their emails. Last year, Charter Communications acquired TWC, which resulted in a new entity by the name of Charter Spectrum Operating from the premium, aged domain spectrum.com.
It is a well-known fact that when two or more companies merge, it brings a great sense of frustration among the employees working in those companies. Not just employees, but the customers too feel the brunt of the merger of companies. It is a good strategy that Charter Communications has acquired Time Warner Cable, as this will expand the offerings of both companies, but there has been a problem that has appeared after this merger.

Are Emails Ending With @RR.Com In Danger?

You won’t believe it, but many people are still using RR com emails, instead of free email services like Outlook or Gmail. They find using these internet based emails a lot more convenient, but when they find that these internet based emails are not safe, then that convenience turns into a big disappointment. Emails these days are not just simple conversations, but contains classified information regarding businesses, finances and many other matters.

Time Warner Cable is the company that acquired Road Runner a few years ago, but it allowed the customers to retain their existing email addresses ending with @RR.com, whereas giving the new domain to the new users, i.e., @twc.com.

It is quite certain that thousands of domain names today are being controlled by @RR.com email addresses, therefore, it would be better if email migration is controlled and managed by Charter Communications.

Many of us would say that there are a countless number of customers using these internet-based email addresses, which they should change before such services get obsolete. Moreover, not everyone read emails that are sent to such email addresses, which is something users should keep in mind.

There is also a possibility that many people will find out their emails getting expired when it is too late. If @RR.com email addresses are removed, then there is a good chance that @spectrum.com will also be removed from the circulation.

People using RR com login email are not much confident about the future of their email accounts. Therefore, it becomes the duty of the company to instill confidence into the customers before the water goes overboard.

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