Monday, 9 April 2018

How To Setup A POP3 Email Account In Windows10?

Installing emails services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail are quite easy on windows mail app because all the incoming server and outgoing server settings required for sending and receiving the mail are pre-configured in your mail app. On the other hand, if you are going to install a 3rd party email app like Roadrunner, then it is bit tedious project. Don’t worry, we are going to discuss the steps to install POP3 email account on windows 10 email app.

We recommend you to implement the steps in the same order.

The very first step is to retrieve the mail server address from the home page. You can easily find your username on the server list.

You will find the incoming server settings page after this. Enter the details as per asked on the page. 

Don’t enter the server name in this field.

To enter the outgoing server settings, you need to scroll down to the screen.

Configuring the mail in the windows 10 mail app

Launch windows app from the home screen of your computer. You will find this app in the app list and in the program menu. You can open it from either of the locations.

Go to ‘Settings’. A new menu will appear on the screen. Click to open it.

If you find any pop-up screen, then click on it. You will be asked to change the settings.

Click on your Roadrunner email program from the list of email service programs. If the name is not available in the list, then you need to enter it manually. Click on ‘+’ button.

You will be greeted with a welcome message on your email screen.

Now, you are required to select ‘Account type’ from the list of options. Click on ‘POP3’.

A new window will then open on the screen. You are required to choose your preferences from the given options.

Enter the personal details in your application form.

Now, type the name which you want to get displayed on the front screen of your account. The same name will be displayed on the receiver screen when you send any message to the sender address. If you are using more than one email service, the username must be different from that.

Enter username followed by password in the next column. Enter your account details to restore previous appointments and messages.

Enter the incoming server address and information in the incoming server box followed by outgoing server address in the next field.

Check now. You will be able to send and receive the messages without any problem.

This is all about the setup steps for POP3 type account. If you are using any other windows OS, then you can stay in touch with email support. They will assist you in every manner.  If you want to change the settings of your email account thereafter, you can easily do so from login page or the email account. Clicking on ‘Authentication type’. Change the settings and send try mail to your own email address. In this way, you will start receiving the emails on your email account.

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